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Things to see and do around Karumba

  • Fishing ChartersThere are several fishing charter operators to choose from including those specialising in Barramundi Charters—Check your room information books and we can assist with bookings – it is always a good idea to plan ahead if you are thinking to do a charter – just so you don’t miss out on the fun!
  • River CruisesSunset, Birdwatching, Croc n Crab and special occasions, events or functions. We can assist with information and to help in making bookings and again to avoid missing out – it is a good idea to check dates and availability and book ahead.
  • Bird Watching and PhotographyAll year round there are opportunities and seasonal changes with migratory, savannah, marine, parrots, birds of prey and more.
  • Karumba Waterpark and Swimming Pool – a great place to cool off, get some exercise, take the family or just chill out
  • Barramundi Discovery CentreOperates tours at various times and is well worth a visit—this is a working Barramundi Hatchery focusing on supplying fish to various restocking groups across the Gulf area—fish for a fishing future!  The new Barramundi Discovery Centre is in final stages of development so watch out for news of its opening – it will be amazing!
  • Karumba Walking TrackJoining Karumba Point to Karumba town approx 3.5km long—passing through marine salt/flood plains and over mangrove/marine creeks—additional information is available at the Karumba Visitor Information Centre or check with us for details.
    Some 30 interpretive heritage/history signs are now in place in and around Karumba and Karumba Point areas— the Karumba Visitor Information Centre has location maps
  • Bowls, Golf and the Karumba Recreation ClubThere are social bowls activities throughout the year and golf tournaments on Thursday and Sunday mornings through the year—everyone is welcome. There are honesty boxes for golf and bowls outside these times and golf clubs/buggies are available for hire. This is a not for profit community operated club
  • The Gulf is home to the Morning Glory Cloud – The Morning Glory cloud is a rare meteorological phenomenon consisting of a low-level atmospheric solitary wave and associated cloud, Burketown is a centre for cloud chasers in the later months of each year with gliders, photographers and those wanting to experience these amazing clouds – as the Gulf of Carpentaria and Gulf of Mexico have the highest rate of formations anywhere in the world.  In Karumba these morning glory clouds can be experienced most usually from August through to November – early morning – unforgettable.
  • Events – Each year various local, shire and regional events take place including:

– Sunday Markets at the Sunset Tavern – starting Easter weekend through to September

– Karumba Community Anglers Classic – Easter School Holidays – weekend before or after Easter

–  Normanton Barra Bash – Easter weekend

–  Stingers Rugby League team – local competition and matches throughout the year – Normanton

–  Karumba Golf Open – mid year

–  Normanton Rodeo and Campdraft – mid year

–  Bring In Spring – Fun family day for Karumba Children’s Centre – August/September